These youtubers will make you laugh

YouTube can be a highly entertaining place to spend some time, if you know where to look that is! The following article highlights some of the current best and funniest people online right now


Ryan Higa at one time used to have the most subscribers online though this has changed recently. Funny and inoffensive, Nigahiga uploads almost daily whilst never using the same joke twice. With excellent video production and constantly creative content he rates high on many people’s list. From making fun of musicals to challenging viewers to roast themselves, he makes subscribers laugh, feel part of the family and amuses on a daily basis. Definitely worth spending some time going through his repertoire.


A Swedish comedian, Pewdiepie is best known for his Let’s Play commentaries and a number of YouTube vlogs. Currently he is the most subscribed YouTuber with over 50 million subscribers to his channel. A highly animated personality, part of his charm comes in his natural and unedited reactions to the videos and situations he shows. If he is scared, laughing or mad it all comes through in a natural and authentic way making his comedy more relatable. Beware though; he doesn’t hold back his language so this comedy may not be for the faint hearted.

Jenna Marbles

Lastly we have Jenna Marbles currently residing at 23rd on the most subscribed YouTube channels though she is at number two for women. Her videos are all themed around makeup how to’s, one of her first videos being the ‘How to trick people into thinking you’re good looking,’ receiving over 5 million views in just one week. Her easygoing charm and self-effacing air makes her an approachable, relatable and real life character. A lot of her videos are aimed at helping girls feel less awkward about themselves so not only is she funny but helpful too.

Of course there are hundreds more but these are just some of the top funny YouTubers around right now.