The funniest sites on the we right now

Almost anything can be found online these days and humorous sites are no exception. The Internet is literally teeming with websites with comedic themes but which ones are the best ones? Finding them can be hard but this article will make things easy. Here are three of the top humour sites online right now.

First up is the aptly name Engrish. This site is simply full of photos of hilarious English misspells. Usually they come from foreign countries but some of the funniest are from closer to home. Whilst it is common and entirely fair for people to make mistakes in a language that is not their native tongue, all photos on this site actually come from business, so one would think they could or indeed would do better. Readers can send in photos, vote on their favourites, comment and even write captions all for a fully interactive and rib tickling experience.


Originally as a magazine since 1958, it made the transition to online fairly smoothly. With a huge fan base (though the magazine no longer runs), it is filled with a daily blend of videos, comics, blogs and articles. all of them are humorous and attempt to teach readers new things, though they might be rather unexpected. Usually they come in list form and cover all manner of topics from self-help through to sporting events.

The Onion

Fake news sites have been popping up with more frequency over the last few years and none becoming more popular then The Onion. For a little bit of satire, this is the place to go. Producing articles from spoof news, editorials through to interviews, The Onion covers all bases whilst on occasion even managing to trick the most discerning reader into thinking it might be real.

There are so many more funny sites such as Damn You Autocorrect, Imgur, Reddit, Funny or Die and of course Buzzfeed. Depending on the type of humour there is something out there for everyone to enjoy.