Some funny stories

The saying goes that laughter is the best medicine, so on that thought, here are a few little shorts to elicit a snigger, chuckle or snort and make the day that much brighter.

A Taxi Driver gone mad

A man was waiting at the side of the road for a taxi. Soon enough one pulled up and the man hopped in. As the taxi started, the passenger realized that he needed to give the driver new directions. The passenger leant forward and casually tapped the driver on the shoulder. The driver started screaming, the car swerved across the road nearly hitting oncoming traffic before finally coming to a halt outside a shop window. Both passenger and driver remained in stunned silence before the driver announced to the passenger to never touch him like that again as it had scared him almost to death. Slightly confused the passenger responded that he hadn’t realized the slight tap would cause such a dramatic reaction. The driver began apologizing to the passenger, “It’s not your fault. It’s my first day as a taxi driver, all these years I’ve been driving a hearse.”

The Perfect Ski Slope

Some funny storiesThere was a man who loved skiing. He spent his whole life wandering the globe looking for the perfect mountain. Soon he had done them all, but he wanted more. A friend finally suggested that maybe he should take up a new hobby or sport. When asked for suggestions the friend said, “How about waterskiing?” The man was delighted, a sport similar to the one he was already obsessed with. He bought himself the necessary equipment and for the rest of his life he traversed the world looking for a lake with a hill.

Unhappy Bus ride

A woman boarded a bus with her baby in her arms. As she entered the bus driver proclaimed the bay to be the ugliest he had ever seen. Offended, the woman walked to the back of the bus and took a seat. It was clear to all that she was unhappy so a nearby man leant over and asked her what was the matter. She replied, “the driver just insulted me,” to which the man replied, “I’ll take care of your monkey for you whilst you go up there and have a word with him.”