Memes of 2017

Over the past few years memes have become more popular than ever. It doesn’t take long for a photo, video or ridiculous event to be turned into an Internet hit, which reaches up to millions of people. Memes usually are a copied content (often photo, phrase or video) which then is made humorous with a clever caption or for example out of context placement. Some memes have deeper message behind them and are indented to start discussions and thoughts. Most however, are just to make us laugh. Memes are an Internet phenomenon, something that is interesting enough to be shared and spread widely online.

Funniest memes of 2017 so far

Memes of 2017Memes often feature people in public positions, such as celebrities, athletes and politicians. We just love to laugh at public personas, especially when they do something wrong! This year we have seen some funny and super popular memes with actors and singers. The Oscars and other awards generate usually memorable moments – this year has been no different. One of the biggest Internet hits must have been the La La Land – Moonlight Oscar blunder, which lives online in video clips, photos and photo-manipulated memes.

The most popular topic for online discussion and memes for 2017 (and 2016) so far must be the new president of USA, Mr. Donald Trump. He has gotten even more publicity than one would expect for a president of the United States of America. Memes and funny videos have been circling about his public speeches, press releases, inaugural, family relations and basically about every move he makes. Kellyanne Conway’s statement about “alternative facts” must be one of the widest spread memes from the White House this year. Politics in the USA and all over the world have been a popular topic for memes through out 2017. It seems like especially young people are more interested than ever in sharing political content and taking part of the discussion – even if it means just laughing and joking about it.