Funny news sites

News is depressing, and with Facebook, sad news is everywhere. Sometimes it is nice to be able to take a step back and have a little laugh. From satirical news, political views, funny videos, even some fake news, these sites have it all.

The Onion

One of the biggest satire sites online, it is often shared on Facebook for its witty and up to date, on the spot analysis of current events. Sometimes so cleverly written, with catchy headlines, people can be forgiven for thinking that it’s true – though that may also just be a case of wishful thinking. A little more subtle and aimed at the more discerning reader, there are topics on almost anything though a current top is the entire section dedicated to the US election and President Trump himself.

Cracked and Snopes

Not quite so news centric, Cracked does offer up a wider range of comedic articles. In fact it could be classed more as all around humour rather than just specifically a humorous news site. It covers everything though, from technology to history and entertainment. Whilst not a fully news oriented site, it definitely provides the laughs.

Another not quite so news oriented site is Snopes. It is however a good way to check if that dubious looking news article is indeed real or fake. Be that as it may, Snopes will on occasion offer up a truly satirical piece to the level that causes outrage and passionate outbursts on social media. Sometimes their articles even have to be proved to be false as so many people actually do fall for them.


This site is dedicated entirely to the world of sports and creating fake news on this subject. With strong focuses on football (the American kind), hockey and baseball, it does on occasion feature other sports as well. A lightly satirical page, it too relies on catchy headlines and false news pieces can almost, just almost be considered as fact.

Last Week Tonight

For something a little different Last Week Tonight is a satirical video page. Usually it will focus on the latest headline news for that particular week. An artful mix of research and comedy, the host, John Oliver creates excellent short pieces with some highly observant yet witty points about the latest news. His sarcasm is almost infectious yet delivered in an intelligent way that it makes one want to repeat the comments made to others.