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They say laughter makes you live longer, and undoubtedly happier. It’s no wonder that Internet has been taken over by memes, funny videos, jokes and pranks. We are bringing the best of them together on this website for you enjoyment! This is 100% humor site – all for the good laughs, and not to be taken too seriously.

Humouruk.com is a website for the best jokes, funny videos and pranks, memes, funny photos and other funny online content. Our funny blog is updated regularly with the funniest content and internet hits – all there just to make you laugh. Humouruk.com funny blog posts are easy to share online. Share our funny internet memes, jokes and videos on social media.

About humouruk.com

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A good sense of humor and laughter is healthy for us emotionally as well as physically. It strengthens our relationships with others – a shared fun is twice as much fun. With social media and constant online access sharing fun stories, photos, memes and videos is easier than ever. Share the funniest findings with your friends and make their day that much better. With our easy-to-scroll layout and search, you will be able to find your favorite jokes effortlessly.

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